AKS Massage School - Certificaton Program, Coninuting Education - Massage therapy and bodywork
AKS Massage School - Certificaton Program, Coninuting Education - Massage therapy and bodywork



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About AKS Massage School
  • AKS Massage School, Inc. (formerly Applied Kinesthetic Studies) has been training massage therapists and bodyworkers since 1992.
  • AKS serves the local community through seminars, fieldwork, and affordable, student massage.
  • AKS Massage School graduates have their own establishments locally and in other states, as well have created continuing education courses for other health care professionals.
  • AKS is the only school that is approved for pregnancy massage by the American Pregancy Massage Association (APMA).

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"I have been out here working for only 4 years but I am here to tell you that your school is the only school that I have found that gets people really ready for the work as a massage therapist. I would be really happy to get an AKS graduate to work for me. They really come out of school knowing what they need to know."

Debra Sherbeyn, March 29, 2006
Healing Hands Massage Therapy, 540-439-6502

To visit AKS, call for an appointment at 703-464-0333.

If you wish to participate in periodic job fairs, please call us.

If you wish to list a job offering or interview an AKS graduate, please visit our Job Network.

If you want an AKS student massage, please call the AKS Public Clinic.

Thank you for your attention to our school and to our graduates.

AKS Services

AKS Massage School services include:

Professional Certification Program - Our Certificate Program prepares students for National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
Continuing Education - Anyone interested in advancing their knowledge of a wide variety of bodywork practices may attend our Continuing Education classes. Certified Massage Therapists may earn Category "A" Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain national certification or membership in professional organizations.
Public Massage Clinic - The general public visits our clinic to receive massage from our students at reduced rates. Professionally certified massage therapists also offer many forms of massage and bodywork at our school clinic. See Find a Therapist for more information.
Fieldwork Program - Certificate Program students must complete 12 hours of practical fieldwork as part of their curriculum. We encourage the students to explore different environments, such as clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, sporting or healthcare facilities, schools, business settings, and outdoor events.

Facilities - AKS Massage School offers classroom and massage facilities at the Springwood Professional Center, in Herndon, Virginia. Professionals may make arrangements with AKS to lease and use these facilities for teaching and for events.


School History

Approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education, AKS has a wonderful history. In 1992, V. Wendell Driggers founded AKS Massage School in Herndon, Virginia.

Since the first graduating class, our students have distinguished themselves by their proficiency, professionalism, and personal talents. Some have made AKS their first venture into higher education and others arrive with the highest educational degrees. Some come from the corporate world; some from medical fields. Dedicated graduates provide therapeutic massages to children and seniors, couch potatoes and elite athletes. Clients have progressed from injury to recovery, from stress to relaxation.

AKS massage therapists serve healthy clients, stressed folks, people with injuries, and physical disabilities; those living with cancers, Lupus, Lyme, HIV/Aids, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy; those recovering from surgery and fractures; those bringing new life and those at the close of life.

AKS is present at Special Olympics, Paralympics, triathlons, marathons, senior centers, health fairs, employee benefits fairs, municipalities, schools, and throughout the corporate world.

Employers ask for AKS graduates.

Our curriculum requires intense study and dedication to rigorous standards. Students respond to demands for their time and energies with physical and emotional fortitude. In fact, graduates (and their families) tell us that AKS changes them. They learn the anatomical language of muscles and bones and the esoteric language of touch. Students learn body mechanics that allow them to offer therapeutic massage without injuring themselves. They learn to pay attention to themselves, and to tune in to their clients with their ears, eyes, and hands.

Massage clients ask for AKS graduates.

I invite you to experience massages by AKS graduates. Please ask for us. You can find us practicing in Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, England, Germany… Find us in therapeutic settings, sports clubs, spas, rehabilitation centers…Please make a point to meet us!


Professional Memberships
AKS belongs to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). AKS Massage School also belongs to the AMTA Council of Schools, a group committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards in massage therapy/bodywork education in schools throughout the country.

Students and graduates of AKS may join any of several professional bodywork associations, such as the AMTA. These organizations provide industry research, insurance coverage, legislative support and many other benefits to students and professionals. See Online Resources for more information.



A Message from the Director

Thank you for your interest in AKS Massage School. We hope that this website provides a comprehensive overview of AKS that will assist your selection of a school of massage. AKS holds the quality and essence of touch and the interdependence of mind, body and spirit as its guiding principles.

Graduates from the Certificate Program are well prepared to sit for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork examination required for practice in the National Capital area. However, AKS offers more than a "minimum" education. Students receive a broad education that develops skills and professional commitment expected of conscientious massage therapists. The curriculum presents professional ethics and business practice guidelines.

AKS teaches students to tune in to their clients - reaching kinesthetic awareness - to create a mutual, rather than purely clinical, experience. AKS provides a fun, safe and professional atmosphere where questions and the ability to discern are encouraged.

The decision to go to a massage school to undertake a demanding academic program will mean a change in your lifestyle, as well as a meaningful addition to your capacity to care for others. It is fun, hard, exhausting, but most of all, rewarding.

I encourage you to look carefully at AKS as well as other schools. AKS has a wonderful staff. They are capable and caring, and the students tell me how much they like and respect their teachers. We ask students to work very hard, and they respond and succeed.

Please feel free to contact me and ask questions. Read through this material, then get your support network of family and friends behind you, and come sit in on a class before you enroll.

I wish you every success in your endeavors.


H. Katharine Hunter, CMT, AKS graduate 1993
Owner/Director, Since 1999


School Staff

Katharine Hunter, BA, CMT, NCTMB, directs and owns the AKS Massage School.  Katharine holds a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB), Commonwealth of Virginia certification, and belongs to the National Capital Area Sports Massage Team. Katharine also holds a B.A. in Psychology, with numerous courses in Education and years of experience in public education.

William M. Holmes is the AKS Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Holmes has 28 years experience managing information systems for Federal Government contracts. He is a tax specialist for H&R Block and supervises retail operations for the Wolftrap Foundation for the Performing Arts. He has been treasurer for Hunters Green Cluster Association for 12 years. Mr. Holmes has a BS in Mathematics with courses in accounting, and an MS in Information Systems. Mr. Holmes set up the bookkeeping and accounting system for AKS in 1999, monitors all financial transactions of the school, and coordinates with the school’s independent Certified Public Accountant.

Maya Lew is an offsite Staff Consultant to the Director. Ms. Lew comes to AKS with intimate knowledge of the program as a 2000 graduate and as a university intern at AKS. Ms. Lew holds a BS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from George Mason University. Her administrative experience comes from working at Proxicom for 6 years and as manager of Proxicom University for three years where she scheduled training for employees from 10 offices worldwide. Ms. Lew also worked on website development, database management, and curriculum development for web-based instruction. She developed a course in stress management for professionals. Maya maintains a private practice in Oakton, VA, specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, Bowen Therapy, and Reiki.

Mary Rubard; Staff Assistant is a 2003 AKS graduate who helps with everything related to admissions questions student schedules, student clinic, student purchases, and teacher interface. She does all of this with a smile and dedication. She is employed as a massage therapist in Herndon, specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki. And, Mary supervises in school and in the student clinic.


AKS Massage School - Classes & Fees - Owner & Instructors

ll AKS faculty and staff hold the student's learning experience in highest regard with a goal to help them become intentional and spiritual massage therapists with a thorough foundation in academic and hands-on skills. 

All AKS instructors hold degrees in higher education, as well as National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Our adjunct lecturers, bodywork supervisors, and administrative staff also share expertise and personal interests with our students.

Judy Herr, AKS Instructor, is a 2004 graduate of AKS. She comes to us with a background in psychology and training. Her expertise is deep tissue, relaxation, and sports massage. Judy is also certified in Equine Massage. She maintains a private practice and works at the YMCA as a massage therapist. She is a member of AMTA.

Shanti Huber, AKS Lab Supervisor and Instructor, graduated from AKS in June 2000. She practices Swedish, Neuromuscular deep tissue massage, Massage for People with Special Needs, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, and Myofascial Release. Shanti is educated in horticulture with a specialty in tropical plants and a generational background in herbal medicine. Shanti has had experience working with an acupuncturist, in the spa environment and maintains her own private practice.

Rick Morgan, AKS Instructor, is a 2004 graduate of AKS. He comes to us with extensive anatomy and physiology background as well as palpation skills and massage techniques associated with direct patient care. Rick’s expertise is in pediatric trauma and intensive care He has a keen awareness of contraindications related to massage such as endangerment sites, thrombosis, and an array of skin and disease disorders. Rick maintains a private practice and massage instruction.